Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a mode of treatment that examines the patterns of behavior and interaction that surround a problem. The family therapist works from an
understanding that all parts of the family are interrelated and that change in one area affects the overall functioning of the whole. Family therapy is designed to be brief, solution-oriented with specific and achievable goals. Our family therapists are trained to help families address the many challenges that modern families face including home/work life balance, communication issues, and parenting.

Who should attend Family Therapy?

Family Therapy can include one or multiple members of a family or relationship unit. Even if only one person attends therapy sessions, family therapy is focused on how problems occur in and effect the important relationships in our lives. Problems that may be addressed in family therapy include depression, anxiety, coping with mental or physical illness or disability, managing work/life balance, communication, parenting, divorce or separation, and more.

What to expect from Family Therapy

Family therapy is designed to examine the important relationships in our lives. During your initial session, you will describe the problem that brings you to seek assistance from a family therapist. Your therapist will ask questions about how the problem began, how it affects you and your relationships, and how you would like it to be different. Your therapist may also ask questions about other aspects of your life to gain a better understanding of you as an individual and your family or other significant relationships in your life as well as your inherent strengths and weaknesses. In future sessions, your therapist will offer suggestions and ask questions designed to help you access your natural skills and abilities to create desired changes in your life