Infertility Counseling & Coaching

We understand how challenging it is when you desperately want to start or grow a family but are not able to conceive. Infertility treatment can be emotionally and physically draining. A study found that women experiencing infertility were as stressed and depressed as women recovering from a heart attack or diagnosed with cancer. There is a strong correlation between anxiety and infertility. Many women become anxious, obsessive compulsive and depressed when dealing with infertility. This in turn cascades into causing physical hurdles for the body to have to overcome on top of any of the originating issues. Infertility counseling will help you find your calm while experiencing infertility.

We’ll help you live your life free from barriers

How Can Infertility Counseling Help?

No matter where you are on this journey or what path you choose to take, infertility counseling can help. Whether you are reviewing your choices, going through IVF or fertility treatments, have experienced pregnancy loss, treatment failure, decided not to or to stop seeking treatment, are an older couple trying to conceive and debating prenatal testing and so on. Each one of these experiences can be distressing. Often causing one to cast self-doubt, loneliness and anxiety. We have worked with many women who are having trouble conceiving with/without a medical reason or that might be at an age that doctors have said they have lower chance of conceiving.

Infertility counseling will help you:

- Process and manage the feelings you have experienced from this challenge emotions of anger, shame, guilt, depression, defeatedness, jealousy, fear, discouragement, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness and so on

- Let go of anger towards your body and create body positivity.

- Deal with any obsessive-compulsive feelings, thoughts, visualizations and behaviors related to the infertility (obsessing about statistics, compulsively googling about fertility, obsessively thinking about infertility)

- Make important decisions

- Cope with and release stress and tension from your bod

- Learn relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, deep-breathing, guided imagery

- Recognize how your mind impacts your body and how to shift any harmful, negative thoughts and beliefs

- Re-frame the meaning of this situation so that you are empowered by it

- Bring to the surface unconscious negative beliefs that might be getting in the way of success

- Switch worst case scenario thinking to positive outcome visualization

- Be self-compassionate, self-supportive and loving to help you be in the best state possible

- Feel calm, accepting and happy regardless of your past and present situation.