Where to Take a Parenting Class

Parenting classes are offered at many different places, such as hospitals, preschools, pediatrician's offices, social service facilities, and on the Internet. For childbirth class, infant care classes and new mom support, ask your gynecologist for recommendations. Parenting classes range in price from no cost to hundreds of dollars. Childbirth, labor and delivery, and infant classes are the most costly, especially in urban cities. Parenting classes that are structured as a series classes are more costly than a one-time class. Something very similar to a parenting class, but offered in a slightly different format, is an online parenting conference. The benefit of online parenting classes or conferences is that parents can listen from the comfort of their home and on their own schedule. Some online parenting courses may be free, but then you can purchase the recordings afterward to listen at your leisure. If you don't have the ability to attend a class, sometimes you can join in a live webinar or Facebook Live event to be able to ask questions from home.

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- Physical Exercise & Music Therapies

Physical exercise combined with music is produces more positive effects on cognitive function in people than exercise alone. At MCWC, we use this multifaceted nature of combining physical exercise with music, which can act simultaneously as both cognitive and physical training.
Combining physical exercise with cognitive training enhances cognitive function in adolescents, youth and the elderly people more than can be achieved independently.