Addictions Counseling

Addictions can take over your life and the lives of your loved ones. Addictions counseling can help you to beat the addiction and prevent relapses. It will help you treat the underlying mental health conditions that contribute to the addiction. Addictions are often used as a way to escape or as a way to cope with pre-existing issues such as unresolved trauma, dysfunctional childhood (I.e. abuse, neglect, etc.) low self-esteem, troubles in tolerating certain life circumstances or factors, understanding and expressing emotions and so on.

We’ll help you live your life free from barriers

Addictions Counseling Can Help with:

- Alcohol
- Drugs (prescription and other)
- Smoking
- Food
- Gambling
- Sex
- Porn
- Social Media

Addictions are often tied to coping with intolerable feelings such as anxiety, stress, pain and loneliness. Addictions are usually a way to escape from all of these things and life in general. There are lots of feelings of shame and loneliness connected to addictions. This can perpetuate the abuse cycle causing individuals to further desire to numb out these additional feelings. Even if temporarily, as addictions provide only unsustainable and “dangerous relief”.

Factors that Could Precipitate a Relapse:

- Stress
- Environmental cues, for example everyone at work going for a smoke break,
- Social groups, Friends, family, acquaintances or people who are still addicted

Through addictions counseling, we will teach you healthy ways to cope with your feelings, thoughts, and addictive behaviors. Addictions counseling will teach you how to cope with irresistible cravings and urges and enjoy your life without using an addiction as a crutch to help cope. We will be here to support you and help you work with the root of your problems with the warmth, support and kindness you need. We will do it at a pace that works for you and we will be there for you when you need it most. We’ll also provide you with maintenance therapy as this can become a chronic problem without it.