Pre-marital Counseling

Our Licensed Pre-marital, Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) deliver our premarital counseling courses, which are highly educative and effective. As you are trying to prepare to live as a married couple, it is beneficial to take a premarital counseling course before you take the big step forward. Married life will without a doubt have its up and downs. In a marriage, compromise and conflict are inevitable, so learning appropriate skills and strategies today, may make you better equipped to be the best husband or wife you can be tomorrow. A secondary benefit for completing the premarital counseling course, is you have the ability to waive the waiting period to obtain your marriage license.

Our practice uses practical approaches to teach counseling skills to couples. The skills you will acquire, will help develop bonds that will assist you in maintaining commitments and compromises throughout your lifetime. Research has shown that learning communication skills early in a relationship, as opposed to later, significantly assists in navigating problems effectively as they arise. As a couple, you will learn the communication skills needed to express your wishes in a way that will increase fulfillment in your relationship. As clients, our experts will work closely with you to establish your goals and needs. We will ascertain and focus attention on your specific values. It is our goal to help guide you through this journey. It is our role to make sure that you are working towards bringing out the best in one another. Together we can help you to build a strong marital foundation…to create a lifetime of happiness.