Depression Therapy

Depression negatively impacts how you think, feel and act.

It is more than just feeling sad or down because of a loss or due to the struggles of life. Allow us to help get you back on track with our proven and effective depression therapy and counseling. Depression is intense and long-lasting. It is characterized by intense feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness that gets in the way of living life. It is also characterized as actually manifesting itself physically leaving one feeling weaker, morbidly tired and fatigued, disassociated from ones surroundings and far off.

Depression can last weeks, months and even years. Although you can in fact take prescription medications to counteract these feelings, which can actually work for some, people find that eventually they want to get off these powerful medications which often come with many unwanted side effects. These side effects are often times enough to stop people from getting started on them to begin with. Fortunately there are alternatives.

How Can Depression Therapy Help?

Depression therapy can help you understand the life events that precipitated and contribute to the depression so that you can process, accept, change and adapt to them. We can help you learn what distorted and harmful thought processes are keeping you feeling this way so that you can shift them to more powerful and healthy ways of thinking and looking at yourself and the world. This will help to decrease feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

Depression therapy will teach the skills, through practical exercises, that you need to cope with your negative symptoms, feelings, and triggers. We will help you set realistic and achievable goals and understand who you are and what makes you happy and satisfied in life. We will help you to learn how to maintain feeling better and to recognize and anticipate future areas and places where you might be likely to slip back into depression. So that you can avoid it or pick yourself up quicker rather than prolonging the depressive state. That’s what depression therapy is about: equipping you with sustainable maintenance skills – as opposed to silver bullets that may only work once

Our main treatment model will be eclectic psychotherapy where more than one theoretical approach is used to meet a client’s needs. So there is no need of describing one therapy after the other. Like CBT & others. We change approach depending on the case presented to us.